Skilled Attorneys For Modification & Enforcement Issues

Is your ex not abiding by the court order in your divorce or other family law case? Do you have a New Hampshire child support order that is over three years old? You need to find out if or when you should seek a modification or enforcement of your current orders.

Consult with Attorney Diane M. Gaspar and learn:

  • Whether you are entitled to an increase in your support
  • Whether your ex can be made to pay your attorney’s fees
  • How you can get a wage assignment
  • Can you get alimony after the divorce is over

Your situation is unique. You need to know how the law can help in your individual case.

This information provided herein is for general purposes only and does not purport to give specific advice on individual matters. If you want advice, about your individual case, call Attorney Diane M. Gaspar at 603-893-8008.