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What are your plans for medical care in your final days?

Thinking about your final days on Earth is certainly not pleasant. Even though this is true, you have to think about how unpleasant it would be to be subjected to medical treatments you don't want because you have never documented your wishes and nobody has the legal grounds to stand up for your needs. This situation is where having your living will and power of attorney for health care is essential.

When you are creating the living will and setting up the power of attorney for health care, there are several things that must be handled properly.

What can you do when you aren't receiving child support?

During or after a divorce, your financial situation can easily become strained. Even if you have a solidly middle-class income, you will incur expenses from the divorce while dealing with reduced income at the same time. Parents who receive custody of their minor children can face particularly serious financial issues when learning to live on a single income.

That, along with a parent's decreased potential for income when caring for kids, is why the courts order the other parent to pay child support. You likely depend on that ordered child support amount to pay your bills, from your rent or mortgage to your car insurance. Child support can also help you buy items you need, like clothing or shoes for the kids, school supplies or even groceries. Without the help of child support, you may struggle to provide the necessities for your family.

Drunk driving in New Hampshire has serious consequences

New Hampshire is a state with strict laws against drunk drivers. These laws aren't on the books in an effort to target specific people. Instead, they are simply meant to discourage people from getting behind the wheel drunk because intoxicated drivers can kill people.

Whether you are a resident here or just passing through, the state's drunk driving laws apply to you. Here are some important points you need to remember about drunk driving in this state:

Understand the finer points of a field sobriety test

People who are pulled over because an officer thinks that they might might driving drunk will usually be asked to take tests to determine if they are intoxicated. One of the options that might come into the picture is a field sobriety test.

The field sobriety test doesn't give the officer an actual blood alcohol content percentage. Instead, it only provides the officer with a way to determine if the person's movements and other clues point toward a likely intoxication.

Understand the purpose of different estate plan components

Making sure that your family is taken care of when you are gone is a priority. Your estate plan is the way that you can set this up. This plan must be customized to suit your wishes and needs, so you can't base yours off of what someone else did.

There are a few different components of an estate plan that you need to think about. Understanding the purpose of each of these can help as you put the plan together. Here are some points for you to consider:

Don't let your children fall for these 3 big divorce myths

Children often don't have a good grasp on why adults do some of the things they do. When parents get divorced, there are many thoughts that can creep up in a child's mind. It is imperative that parents don't let their children fall for common divorce myths.

There are three big myths that almost all children will believe at one point or another about their parents' divorce.

If you own a business, it’s time to start making an estate plan

When you were a teenager, you planned to go to college. While you were in college, you planned to graduate. And when you worked at your first internship, you planned to one day have your own business in Salem. Now that you have put the "open" sign in the window and opened your doors to the public, it is time to start estate planning.

Many people think that they do not have to worry about putting an estate plan in place until much later in life, but the reality is that none of us know what day will be our last. That is why if you own a business, there is no time like the present to be sure your affairs are in order.

Understand why working with your ex may be beneficial in divorce

A divorce can be a contentious endeavor or it can be a respectful process. It is up to you and your ex to decide how the divorce is going to go. Typically, if you and your ex can work together to come up with the terms of the divorce, you might be able to get everything taken care of a bit faster.

Divorce mediation is one option that you have when you are ending a marriage. In this type of divorce, you and your ex work with the help of an impartial third party to come up with the divorce settlement.

Collateral consequences of a DUI conviction

A drunk driving conviction can lead to serious penalties. Many people think about the court imposed penalties when they consider what will happen after a conviction.

Court imposed penalties are ones that the judge issues as a result of the conviction. These penalties have a definite end date that you can look forward to as long as you do what the court requires. There are also other consequences of a conviction that you would have to deal with.

No tolerance for underage drinking and driving in New Hampshire

All drunk driving charges are troubling. However, for a driver who hasn't turned 21 years old yet, seeing those flashing lights behind them can be even more frightening. These underage drunk drivers are facing some very serious penalties that can affect their future.

It is imperative that anyone who is considering drinking before they turn 21 understand just how serious these charges are. Here are some points to consider if you are tempted to drink and drive but haven't turned 21 yet or if you have already been charged with underage drinking and driving.

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