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Addressing Long-term Care Issues For Single People

A single person cannot have more than $2,500 ($2,000 in Massachusetts) to qualify for medical assistance (Medicaid/Mass Health). Although most people believe they must spend their money down to that amount before they qualify for Medicaid or MassHealth (and most nursing homes will not tell you otherwise), there are planning techniques that can salvage some of the assets of a single person for their loved ones.

There is a “look back” and disqualification for gifts made in advance of entering a nursing home. This is always challenging because no one knows when they will need long term care. There are planning techniques that can help you protect and preserve some or all of your assets.

Howie Law Office prepares Medicaid/Mass Health applications. We attend meetings with the Department of Health and Human Services and handle the process from start to finish.

The information provided herein is for general purposes only and does not to purport to give specific advice on individual matters. If you want individual advice, contact Mary Howie, an Elder Law and Estate Planning attorney practicing in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Attorney Howie also holds a master’s degree in business administration and finance. Call her at 603-893-8008.