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How can you be a victim of the drug trafficking trade?

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Drug trafficking is an illegal industry that affects millions of people and communities worldwide. It generates billions of dollars in revenue, making it the most lucrative form of business for criminal organizations. Drug trafficking businesses must cultivate, manufacture, sell and distribute the narcotics before they can get into the hands of the users.

They would need to use different avenues to move their drugs around, and they cannot keep using the same people. It becomes too suspicious. Therefore, they may try to force, coerce or manipulate innocent people into doing criminal activities for them. Here are ways you can be a victim of this billion-dollar industry.

They can use you to smuggle or transport drugs

Criminal organizations can use deceptive methods to move their illicit products from one place to another. You could be trafficking drugs without any knowledge of it. Suddenly, law enforcement officers seized your person or vehicle and conducted a search. They find illicit controlled substances and charge you for possession with intent to distribute.

Your innocence and ignorance of the possession of drugs may save you from the drug trafficking charges. How can you be guilty of something you had no knowledge or intention of doing?

They forced you to distribute the drugs

A drug dealer may threaten to hurt you or your loved ones if you refuse to distribute products for them. Out of fear, you comply with their orders. Because you are not an experienced criminal, you get caught.

Remember, the intention to commit a crime disappears once you do it under duress. You should not have to go to jail for protecting yourself or your family from imminent danger.

Victims of the drug trafficking trade end up taking the fall for crimes they never intended to commit because they are afraid. They think they have no choice but to take the plea bargain. If you are a victim, it is imperative you start building your defense and try all you can to prove your innocence.


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