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When can you increase child support payments?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Family Law

Child support ensures your children are well taken care of when you and the other parent divorce. However, the orders the court gives are not permanent. You can modify a child support order. 

Most child support modification discussions surround decreasing it. But you can also request the paying parent to increase it. Here is when you can do this.

When income increases 

If the other parent’s income increases, perhaps they got a new, high-paying job, a promotion or an additional job, you may request the court to increase child support payments. If the court determines the increase in their income is significant, they may change the order.

Nonetheless, it may be best to talk to your co-parent and give them some time before doing this. You don’t want to request an increase and then they notice the new job is not satisfying, prompting them to quit or find another one, which may not have a high salary. 

New child needs

If your child has new needs, for instance, they joined a dance or art class or developed a medical issue, you may also request to increase child support payments. If the paying parent’s current income is sufficient, you may do this sooner. But if it’s not, they may need to increase it before you can file your request. 

When can you request a modification?

In New Hampshire, you can request a modification of a support order after three years from the date of the most recent order or if there has been a significant change in circumstances. The two situations discussed in this guide may constitute the latter.

If you want to change your child support order, it will be best to get legal guidance to make the right moves.  

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