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Losing your driver’s license can be a real hardship after a DWI

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Drunk Driving Defense

When New Hampshire drivers get arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) offenses, they face multiple penalties. A judge could send them to jail and order them to pay fines. Pleading guilty or getting convicted will also mean a mandatory, temporary revocation of their driver’s license.

Losing the privilege of driving can be a major hardship for the average adult. It might mean repeatedly showing up late to work and damaging their career. It could affect the ability to take care of their children or other dependent family members, like elderly parents and special needs siblings. It can also be professionally or socially humiliating to need to acknowledge to others that you cannot drive somewhere.

Trying to fight to preserve your license will likely be a better response to a New Hampshire DWI charge than pleading guilty and hoping for the best.

How long will you lose your license?

Your driving record and the situation leading to your charges will influence how long you lose your license. A first DWI conviction in New Hampshire will mean the loss of your license for between 90 days and two years. Subsequent offenses and aggravated charges can mean even more penalties. There is usually a presumption that the courts will impose the maximum revocation period unless a judge specifically orders otherwise.

Even if you plead guilty, there is no guarantee that the judge will show mercy and recommend less than the maximum suspension. Only by avoiding a conviction through a successful defense can you ensure that there won’t be licensing consequences for your charges.

Protecting your license can be worth the effort

Although the idea of going to court to defend yourself might make you rather nervous, it is a decision that will likely benefit you for years to come. The steps you take to avoid not just the temporary loss of your license but the significant blemish on your driving record and the future criminal record will benefit your career and the people who depend on you.

Mounting a defense against a DWI charge isn’t always easy, but many drivers will find that it is worth the investment when they avoid conviction or the worst penalties permitted under law.

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