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3 Important issues to consider in your parenting plan 

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2021 | Family Law

A sound parenting plan allows separated couples to play a joint role in bringing up their child. Typically, this will be among the highest priorities for both spouses during divorce proceedings. 

Although the process may not be easy, separated couples often manage to negotiate a workable plan without involving the courts. This can be of great benefit to the child, as it shows that despite the marriage coming to end, issues can still be worked out as a family. Outlined below are some important factors to consider for your parenting plan

Establish some general principles

When getting started, it may be helpful to set out some initial ground rules and general principles. For example, each parent may have different strengths and weaknesses that they can apply appropriately depending on the particular challenges faced by the child at the time.

Health and medical care

It is highly likely that both parents will retain some responsibility for the medical care that their child receives. Consequently, it is vital that communication is effective on such matters. For example, a non-custodial parent should be notified as soon as possible if their child is to receive medical treatment. Furthermore, clear instructions should be given to the relevant parent if the child must take a course of medicine at home, such as remedies for a cold. 

New partners

Although this can be a contentious issue, parents should consider including ways that they plan to introduce new partners to a child in their agreement. Divorce can be tough, but it is also an opportunity for new beginnings, and new partners may be a part of that. Effectual communication can ensure that relations remain amicable as well as making any new partners a positive aspect of the child’s life. 

Divorce can be trying on all parties, but it is possible for former spouses to get along afterward. As a parent in New Hampshire, it is essential to remember that you have legal rights that can be protected through a good parenting plan.

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