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Addressing school challenges with your co-parent

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2021 | Family Law

It’s the time of year when kids start going back to school. While this is challenging enough for parents who live in the same home, it can be even more complicated when a child’s parents are divorced. It’s necessary that you consider the possible challenges that you might face so that you can address those with your co-parent as quickly as possible.

Some of the more common issues you might have to deal with when you’re handling custody during the school year can be addressed well in advance. This can help your children know what to expect, and it can help you and your co-parent reduce the stress of the school year.

Studying, homework, projects

Having a schedule and a plan for studying, homework, and other school projects is important for children of all ages. Ideally, both parents will agree on the terms of getting these done so the child has consistency across both homes. This could help them thrive academically.

School events

Children usually want both parents at their special events, such as school plays or science fairs. Proper communication can make this much easier on everyone, so be sure to let your co-parent know the details as soon as do. You also need to think about things like field trips, especially if one parent will need to attend at least one field trip during the year as a chaperone.

It’s a good idea to cover issues that come up with school in the parenting plan. That way, when questions or issues come up, you can simply review the parenting plan. This can help make everything work more smoothly for you, your co-parent and (most important) your child.

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