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How can you make transition days easier for your children?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2021 | Family Law

Children who have divorced parents likely look forward to the time they get to spend with each parent. What they might not look forward to is the transition day when they leave one parent to go to the other home. Even though both parents love them, these days can be challenging for the children. 

There are several ways that parents might be able to make these transition days a little easier for the children. One of the most important things to do is to make sure that the children know you love them and support them, no matter which home they’re in at the time. 

Prepare the children

Older children might be able to look at the calendar and know how long they have with each parent. Younger children might need you to remind them when it’s getting close to the transition time. Making sure they know what’s coming can help them to feel more secure. 

Keep the transition calm

Transition time isn’t when you should discuss contentious matters with your ex. Instead, make sure that these times are calm and filled with love. Children who think that their parents are going to fight when they see each other for transitions might come to dread these days. 

Many parents find that including the transition terms in the parenting plan can help to reduce the stress for everyone involved. In almost every case, having a detailed plan is beneficial since both parents can look at it if there are any questions that come up about what should happen with the children. Your attorney can help you to get everything together for the parenting plan.  

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