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Money isn’t going to save a marriage

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | Family Law

When looking at marriage and divorce statistics, people often note that financial troubles can lead to divorce. Generally, this means that a couple who has run into hard times economically is more likely to split up. If you can’t make ends meet, it could threaten your relationship.

The flip side of this seems to be the implication that having a lot of money would save your marriage by allowing you to avoid these very financial troubles. They say that money can’t buy happiness, but can it keep a couple together?

What the studies say

While this idea seems to make some logical sense, studies have interestingly found the exact opposite. Some have claimed your divorce odds go up if you’re rich and that economic growth tends to create more divorce cases, not less.

Why does this happen? There are a lot of potential reasons. For one thing, even wealthy couples can live beyond their means and run into financial issues. Plus, disagreements about how to spend money could put stress on the relationship, even when there is plenty to go around. Finally, couples who are not doing well financially may stay together — even if they’re not happy — because the only way to scrape by is on two incomes. When they have more money, it may actually give them the freedom to consider a divorce.

Your divorce

Have you found yourself with a promising financial outlook and a marriage that isn’t going to stand the test of time? Make sure you know exactly what steps you and your spouse need to take during the divorce.

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