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Divorce odds increase with financial stress

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Family Law

Do you think your odds of divorce have been going up in recent months or years? There was a time when you never thought the relationship would end. Now you think that the end is just on the horizon. How did you get here?

One reason may be if you and your partner are facing a lot of financial stress that has led to arguments about your finances. In a study, researchers noted that people who frequently argue about money have a 30% greater chance of getting divorced than those who rarely report such arguments. They said that this made financial concerns a “top predictor of divorce.”

This financial stress can take different forms. For instance, maybe you and your spouse have a lot of debt. Whether it’s true or not, your spouse blames you for that debt. Will they eventually ask for a divorce to move on from this lifestyle?

Or it could just be that you both use money differently. For you, the goal is to save as much as you can, building up some security. For your spouse, the goal is to use the money on fun experiences. You constantly fight because you can’t agree on a family budget and you both think the other person is to blame for the financial issues in your life. 

If you have seen the severity of these arguments increase, or the rate at which they happen, you may be right that your marriage is getting close to divorce. When you finally do reach that point, it is important that you understand what steps you need to take and what rights you have

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