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Prenuptial agreements could help you start a stronger marriage

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2020 | Family Law

Cynical people might view prenuptial agreements as couples essentially planning to fail. However, when you consider that a significant percentage of modern marriages end up in divorce, the desire to create a prenuptial agreement seems less cynical and more practical.

It makes sense to work together to set reasonable terms for the end of your marriage while things are good between you and your spouse. Couples that marry without a prenuptial agreement and later wind up getting divorced often have to pay substantially more to end their marriage compared with those who can file an uncontested divorce thanks to the guidance of a prenup.

A valid prenup removes the mystery from a divorce

Most people have heard exaggerated or inaccurate tales of someone else’s divorce. Biased, inaccurate stories about divorce might make someone think that divorce could be lucrative when in reality divorce can actually be very expensive.

Given that a prenuptial agreement removes the mystery and potential for dramatic discrepancies in how the courts allocate your assets, a prenup could actually strengthen your marriage by reminding both you and your spouse of what will happen in the event of a divorce and eliminating any fantasy about a financial windfall.

Prenuptial agreements can help get you both on the same page

The clauses in a prenuptial agreement can outline how to handle a divorce, as well as what each spouse wants or expects from the marriage. Your prenup can give both you and your fiance an opportunity to explore your expectations prior to the marriage, which can help you both meet each other’s expectations after their wedding.

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