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Being under the per-se limit for alcohol may not protect you

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2020 | Drunk Driving Defense

You love having a drink with your friends. You enjoy Monday Night Football, so you all usually go out to the bar and drink. When the football season is over, you watch basketball or other popular sports. 

Over the last decade of doing this, you and your friends have had a few close calls. One of your friends went off the road while intoxicated but was, fortunately, able to drive away unharmed. Another nearly got into a collision when they ran a stop sign. 

A few nights ago, your luck ran out. You headed home, and you thought that you were sober enough that you wouldn’t have a problem. Just a few blocks from home, police lights were suddenly in your rearview mirror. The officer stated that you were driving all over the road. In their opinion, you must be over the limit. They gave you a Breathalyzer test, and you were at .06%, below the per se limit of 0.08%. That might seem like a win, but the truth is that you can still face trouble. 

The per se limit is not a guarantee

The per se limit isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be able to get away without a DWI. In fact, you can still face charges for driving while under the influence. The officer will just need to gather more support for your arrest. How do they do that? Through field sobriety tests. 

Even if you’re able to pass these tests, you may still face additional penalties and tickets for violations such as failing to stay in your lane or reckless driving. These are all things you may want to discuss with your attorney if you’re arrested. 

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