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Private, controlled, multi-faceted: the many benefits of trusts

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2019 | Estate Planning

Any short list of can-do and broadly utilitarian estate planning tools would certainly include the trust.

In fact, trusts would likely top any compilation. Industry experts and commentators routinely laud the ability of trusts to promote multiple planning goals and needs in a manner that no other legal instrument can do.

The writer of one recent trust-focused article in a national publication notes that individuals and families establish trusts “for a plethora of reasons.” That author — who is a professional financial adviser — stresses that he rarely fails “not to recommend incorporating one of more trusts” into the planning strategies of his clients.

We also endorse trusts for select clients of our estate planning firm at the Howie Law Office in New Hampshire. Our proven estate administration legal team routinely discusses the utility and benefit of trusts with clients across New Hampshire and Massachusetts from offices in Salem, Andover and Woburn, respectively. Trusts are not for everyone, but there are many instances where thoughtful trust creation in combination with a will and other planning documents can help to materially promote a client’s key planning objectives.

Trusts are in fact impressively flexible instruments. We note on our firm’s website that they “come in all shapes and sizes” and confer benefits across a wide spectrum. Here are just a few:

  • Trust assets “bypass the cumbersome and expensive legal proceeding of probate”
  • Trusts promote privacy
  • Trusts can greatly – and sometimes entirely – mitigate the effect of federal and estate taxes
  • Trusts can ensure the future protection of disabled loved ones and the continuous promotion of their best interests

Those bullet points provide just a snapshot view of possible trust benefits. An individual or family seeking further and more comprehensive information can contact an experienced estate planning team.

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