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Criminal law: a vast realm where proven legal counsel benefits

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2019 | Criminal Defense

There are many words that singly or in conjunction underscore what the criminal justice system is all about.

One of them is “intense.” We prominently employ that term on our website at the proven New Hampshire Howie Law Office. The deep legal team at our criminal defense firm collectively commands decades of on-point and aggressive experience that we routinely bring to bear on behalf of individuals needing a strong legal ally. We know from long advocacy just how intimidating and even overwhelming the criminal process can seem.

And for good reason. Police teams make painstaking efforts to arrest and criminally charge individuals with a vast array of alleged offenses. Prosecutors don’t play around. And many judges – both state and federal – routinely impose notably harsh sentencing outcomes.

The role that knowledgeable and assertive legal counsel plays as a defense advocate begins the moment a criminal suspect reaches out for help. Defense attorneys carefully examine every aspect surrounding the government’s evidence, both for flaws and the way it was allegedly obtained. Charges are scrutinized for appropriateness. Where applicable, diversion programs and other alternative-to-incarceration policies are closely considered.

Howie Law Office stresses a simple defense bottom line on our website. That is our resolve to do “everything legally possible to get the charges dropped, to negotiate reduced charges or to win a not-guilty verdict at trial.”

We welcome contacts to the from individuals across New Hampshire and Massachusetts who are facing criminal charges and need a proven ally to fight back against a potentially adverse outcome.

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