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Off-Duty police officer kills young woman in DWI crash

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Earlier this month, tragedy struck the small town of Londonberry, New Hampshire. An off-duty police officer, who joined the force in 2016, now faces aggravated DWI charges after striking a vehicle in a head-on collision. The young woman driving the vehicle that was struck was only 21 years old.

Local authorities are investigating the off-duty police officer’s impairment due to a high consumption of alcohol. Apparently, his vehicle coasted into oncoming traffic, striking and killing the female driver Friday night. He was taken to a nearby hospital due to sustained injuries.

Innocent until proven guilty

The severity of legal consequences (if there is any) depends on what is proven in court. The American legal system offers the benefit of innocence first until guilt is proven. This applies to everyone, even the off-duty police officer in this story. It is the obligation of the prosecution to attach clear guilt to the defendant.

DWI investigations

An investigation into these types of situations are critical. Many factors come into play that need to be verified. Not all “evidence” is permissible. The criminal defense team needs to analyze factors including:

  • How field sobriety tests were conducted
  • Accuracy of breathalyzer and/or blood testing
  • Legal hearings for Administrative purposes and Interlock mandates
  • Authenticating witness statements

People who find themselves charged with a DWI of any kind need strong legal defense. Every person has a right to defend themselves against criminal charges. The best way to proceed with a criminal investigation is to secure yourself with strong legal representation.

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