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DUI defense for first-time offenders

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2016 | Drunk Driving Defense

Massachusetts and New Hampshire have some of the strictest drunk driving laws in the country. If charged with a DUI in either of these states, you would be wise to take quick action to protect your rights and effectively confront these criminal charges. Even first-time offenders face steep penalties, but you do not have to face this serious legal situation alone.

First-time offenders could lose their right to drive, as well as other penalties that may have a long-reaching impact on various areas of life. Some of these consequences can include loss of driver’s license, jail time, fines and more. Once a DUI, OUI or DWI is on your criminal record, penalties will become more severe with each subsequent conviction.

The high-quality defense representation you need

If you are currently facing a first-time drunk driving charge, it is critical that you not underestimate the serious nature of what you are up against. It is important to take an aggressive stance to protect your long-term interests by working with an experienced lawyer. With help, it is possible to challenge certain elements of the case against you, including:

  • The results of the blood tests
  • The validity of the traffic stop
  • Results of the Breathalyzer tests
  • The way that evidence was handled by law enforcement

Problems with the case against you or a violation of your rights could lead to a dismissal of the charges. By securing defense help as soon as possible after your arrest, you will better understand the legal options available to you.

After identifying the most appropriate defense strategy for your case, your lawyer will strive for the best possible outcome, advocating for your rights, fighting to keep your record clean and working to protect your right to drive.

Your future after a drunk driving charge

A criminal charge of any kind is overwhelming. Your future, freedom and reputation are on the line, but a conviction is not your only option. When you work with an experienced lawyer, you will know how to fight back, invoke your rights and protect your future from the impact of a one-time mistake. Before you plead guilty or make any other important decisions, learn how you can move forward with your life after a drunk driving arrest.

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